5 Ways to Profit with a Personal Trainer Website 2019

5 Ways to Profit with a Personal Trainer Website 2019

There’s a lot more potential to make an incredible income as a personal trainer today than at any
other point in human history – and a lot of that is thanks to the power of the internet.

The internet allows you as a personal trainer to disconnect completely from the traditional “dollars for
hours” culture that has handicapped the earning potential in this industry more than maybe anything

By leveraging the internet and your own personal trainer website you can immediately skyrocket your
income without having it tied directly to the amount of time you actually spend training people. The
potential here is almost unlimited.

Below we highlight 5 ways to profit with a personal trainer website 2019 that you can start using right
now. Let’s dive right in!

Gain Total Independence

A personal trainer website allows you to gain total independence with your business in a way not
possible when you’re gathering clients strictly from the gyms or fitness centres that you work out at.
This approach alone separates your income from your time completely and gives you a lot more

Book Sessions and Accept Online Payments

The easier you make it for your clients to pay you the faster you will be able to create the kind of
personal trainer income most people only ever dream of. By using your website to accept online
bookings and credit card/digital payment options you streamline things significantly while making it a
lot easier for you to collect money for your services.

Leverage Online Advertising

There’s only so much that “old-school” advertising approaches can do for you in our modern world, a
modern world that revolves around the internet and especially our mobile devices. By building a
proper digital marketing funnel you can capitalise on Google AdWords and Facebook advertising to
attract clients and customers in your local area that you wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

Setup Recurring Income

This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to accept online payments that we highlighted above and is
certainly one of the best 5 ways to profit with a personal trainer website 2019 experts are going to
want to master ASAP.

Instead of waiting for your clients to book your services (and hoping that they do in the future) you can
set up new client subscriptions or recurring “membership” programs that help you get paid more
consistently and a lot faster, too.

Flesh Out Your Fitness Business

Lastly, you can use your new personal trainer website to sell ancillary and complementary products or
other services to your fitness clients and those that haven’t yet taken advantage of your personal
training expertise.
Training apparel, exercise equipment, and even supplements can help you build an extra income
stream that skyrockets your income pretty quickly.


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