Start Up

Bespoke Consultation

It is our IT ethic to present to you a tailored online plan. A bespoke plan for your business encompassing our expertise in website design, online effectuation and IT consultancy.

This page contains some of the intergral components necessary for an online business.

Let us help take your online presence to the next level. Contact Us to schedule a free Initi8 consultation to consider your requirements that may include:

Domain Name

Your domain name must be as simple as possible and incorporate your brand identity. If you do not already have a domain name for your website we can help you search for and then buy a domain name that you will be excited to own. Domain name sorted, next initi8 your iconic branding Logo Design!


Your website will require a secure and stable hosting server. A hosting server is essentially the home of your website. It is where the software code physically resides.

Go Daddy is one of the largest online hosting companies (you may have heard of) and one of many that we could recommend for to host your website.

Once your website has been designed and constructed, we will ensure that it is transferred to your hosting provider taking care of important considerations such as efficiency, download speed, traffic, location and budget. All this in preparation to make your business ready to Go Live.

Business Email

Email is an essential element to any modern business. A growing business can be better organised with specific department and/or team member emails. Ask us to advise on business email systems and providers for (examples):

• Sales
• Support
• Social Media
• Administration
• Individual Staff members

Legal Documentation

Experience has taught us various online methods of acquiring the legal documentation in relatively cost effective ways. And while legal documentation is both utterly boring and absolutely necessary at the same time, many people don’t think about the legal aspects to setting up and running their own business. A potentially costly endeavour! We can offer help and advice in what can often be a complex and expensive process for small business.

Here are just some of the legal services where our experience can assist you:

• Website Terms and Conditions
• Website Privacy Policy
• Website Refunds Policy
• Companies House Business Registration
• Company type: Sole trader, Partnership or Limited • Trademark registration
• Partnership agreements
• Trademark Registrations

Over and Above

We can help and advise on bureaucratic and other necessary business requirements including:

1. ASIC Business Registration
2. Australian Business Number (ABN)
3. Business Banking Requirements