Shopify: the Leading Australian eCommerce Platform.

Shopify is dominating the Australian eCommerce market race as more and more small
retail businesses engage in selling their products online. With 27% share of the market
Shopify is ahead of its next four rivals: WooCommerce (14%), Squarespace (10%), Wix
Stores (10%) and Magento (7%).
Wix Stores have recently engaged in a large marketing surge both online and on TV which
has produced significant results surging their platform forward in the rankings however
Shopify is by far the market leader and looks to continue in this position for the foreseeable
If you want to know why thousands of merchants are switching to Shopify, which in just a
few years has made it the leading platform in Australia, you would have to look at the
features. The simplified and easy to use Shopify system with hosting solution is why many
online retailer choose Shopify. Shopify makes it relatively easy to set up your online store
compared to other eCommerce platforms like the highly customisable Magento platform
however this comes at a financial cost.
New features which are likely to help Shopify hold onto its leading position include a new
instagram feature whereby you can tag your products enabling viewers on the platform to
click on your items and be sent to your Shopify store to buy them!
Why is Shopify the best eCommerce platform for my business? It depends on your
business structure and objectives. highly recommends the Shopify platform
for new comers to eCommerce including boutique and start up brands. Shopify is a good
system for those who do not want a fully customisable system and who want less
interaction with their developer.


Very easy to use
Intuitive Interface
Search Engine Optimisation Customisation (SEO)
Responsive Website (Mobile Friendly)
Dozens of Customisable Themes
Email, Phone & Online Support
App Market Place
Additional Integrated Sale Channels (Amazon & etc)

Costs (each additional plug in feature or app adds to overall monthly cost)
Customisation (due to the unusual coding language called Liquid it is more difficult for you
or your developer to make changes to the system)


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