Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the online marketing method that enables search engines to list your website according to rank, content, keywords and connections.

SEO is one of the most complex challenges for an online website or company. Most people do not understand SEO and its dizzying complexities but we are here to help. We can make sure that your website has the necessary tools in the administration system for any SEO professional to implement their SEO campaign.

Furthermore, while explaining in simplistic terms the various criteria required to achieve SEO, we can design a bespoke SEO package inline with achievable targets and your budget. We will strategise and implement methods that will enable you to take on the competition.

There are a vast array of elements required in order to achieve a good SEO ranking. A breakdown of SEO systems you can include in your bespoke SEO plan are:

• Registration on Search Engines
• Onsite optimisation, meta data & keywords:
• Social Media business profiles & engagement
• Backlinks
• Directories
• Blog networks
• Articles sites
• Forum commenting
• Blog commenting
• Google Adwords advertising

Keywords are the words that are used when someone searches for a product or service on a search engine. The best keywords are most relevant to your business however there can be a lot of relevant keywords. Initi8 Online can do a keyword analysis to help you choose the most effective keywords. These keywords can then be used in your websites page titles, meta data, textual content, articles, blogs, social media posts and public relations campaigns. This is how keywords become most effective.

Keywords need to be included in your: page titles, meta data, website textual content, articles, blog, social media posts and public relation (PR) campaigns to be most effective in raising your SEO.
It is vital to research the best keywords for your industry and location. Keywords need to be chosen carefully as the right keywords can help you outmanoeuvre your competition with regards to SEO rank.
Many websites do not have the ability to easily change keywords, page titles, meta data and textual content. If you are building a new website we will ensure that you can administer your SEO in your administration system. If you cannot administer SEO on your current website we will propose an upgrade to enable your system.

Search Engine Registration

One of first things that must be done to begin SEO is registering your business on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc.
Search engines require all business information and website technical information to be submitted. This Google page provides a list of criteria where information needs to be submitted if relevant to your business.

Backlinks are links on third party websites that link back to your website. This is one of the most important aspects in achieving a good SEO position and it is why large companies with large resources always score so highly. They have the ability to dedicate resources to creating links full time. A strong SEO presence requires listings on:

• Directories
• Blog networks
• Article sites

SEO can be boosting by:

• Forum commenting
• Blog commenting
Blog & Articles

A website blog that publishes regular articles about your services or products is essential for good SEO. To publish an article also needs to be a simple process in the administration backend of your website. Initi8 Online will ensure that you can easily add new articles to your website thus enabling you to push your business forward through rich content highlighting your best services or products.
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a method used for those who have an existing database of contacts. These marketing methods can include:

Customer Testimonials

Social media

Most people have a personal FaceBook (FB) profile and business can be done through these personal accounts however setting up a FaceBook business profile is vital for the all important social marketing arena. And FB is just one of many social media platforms that you should have a business profile on. Connecting your website to the social media business world is essential in achieving SEO. The more people talk about your website online the more SEO works. We will ensure your ‘Social Bookmarking’ is extensive while promoting your brand and engaging your community networks.

Facebook business profile
Twitter business profile
You Tube Channel

Banner advertising design

Design of your online banner or mobile ads required clever and concise elements to get your message and brand across. Let us deliver an effect advertising campaign for you.
Video production

Public Relations

A clever PR campaign will engage enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists and industry professionals to to write about you and your businesses. Digital magazines can provide a huge boost to brand awareness and drive sales forward.

Video Production

Videos are a cool and highly efficient way to engage your existing or potential customers. Videos can convey a large amount of information effectively within a short space of time. Whether it is for selling a service or product or as an introduction or explanation of a particular section of your business, the use of videos is an exceptionally engaging way of reaching your target audience.