eCommerce is a retail revolution. Through the power of the internet people can now operate a virtual store and sell basically anything you can think of. Internet shopping is just taking off and its certain to grow. In Australia only 7% of retail is currently online. In the UK for example it is 20%. The rise and rise of eCommerce is unstoppable due to the power of the internet and website technology. Now is the time to get onboard this burgeoning sector.

We can work with various eCommerce and Content Management Systems (CMS) in including:
Payment Gateway

A payment gateway integration is vital for any serious small business. Payment gateways require the setup of a business bank account. If you do not already have this we will guide you through the process. Your payment gateway will be linked to your business bank account. There are many payment gateways to choose from including the most well known gateways:

Pay Pal & Braintree

Choosing the right payment gateway is essential. We will help you make this decision based on your type of business, the best payment gateway deals and ability to integrate with other systems.
API Integrations

An API is an Application Program Interface and is basically a piece of software supplied (usually free of charge) by another Compnay so that data and communication can be easily made between two software businesses. API’s are very useful and power tools to incorporate into a website. They can add a great deal of functionality for only the cost of the integration. No complex software needs to be created when API’s are used. The use of some API’s do require subscriptions to the company that developed that provides the API and link to their data.

Delivery/Shipping systems
Appointment booking systems
Payment systems
Email systems

Databases are the key to successful businesses. Not only do they provide owner functionality such as vital contact information but they can also be monetised later either through advertising or the sale of your data. Data sales can including access to your data or if the data base is extensive enough it can be a leveraged in the sales of the entire business to a larger software entity or business. 
Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the most important online marketing method and the administration system of your website needs to have the tools available to simplify the process which makes your website rank higher in search engine and above your competition. Elements which control search engine rankings include, blogs (articles), Backlinks from 3rd party websites, keywords, meta tags and optimised online content. We will ensure your website has these tools availabe to allow either yourself to administer these functions or your designated online marketer.
Email Marketing & newsletters

Email newsletters are an informative and personal way to engage with your customers. Promoting your brand and services through weekly email newsletters is a powerful marketing tool used by most digital businesses these days of which I highly recommend. Mail Chimp is the worlds favourite email marketing platform and it is this system that we recommend integrating for your weekly newsletters. Here is a link to Mail Chimp so that you can explore their services and features: Mail Chimp 

Paid advertising on google is a great way to bring extra traffic to your website and a great way to boost sales especially for startups whose SEO hasn’t kicked in yet. Adword Advertisements always appear above Organic SEO listing in Google searches. They are indicated with the logo “Ad”. We can create an Adwords marketing solution with the best performing keywords tailor made for your business. 
Google Analytics

In order to evaluate your website you need the tools to do so. We will make sure that google analytics in active on your website, so that you and your marketing specialist can assess your website and analyse it for better marketing and performance. This will give you the means to see all of your websites metrics and we will be able to make adjustments to our methods when necessary to keep your website up to speed and competitive in the SEO market.