Initi8 Online Payment Terms

Initi8 Online Payment Terms

Free Consultation

Initi8 will provide a free consultation to any potential new Client. Once the Client’s web development, eCommerce, application or software needs have been assessed, Initi8 Online will draw up an offical quote (the Quotation) for the Project. All Project systems and criteria will be detailed in the Quotation Description.

Payment Installments 

All Clients must “Sign Off” on the Quotation which will indicate that they (the Client) has accepted and agreed to the projects goals as indicated in the Quotation Description. A “Sign Off” requires a written (email or postal letter) consent to proceed. Should the Client wish to engage the services of Initi8 Online an initial down payment of 30% will then be required. At the half completion of the Project (determined by Initi8 Online) a further 35% payment of the total project Quotation will be required. Upon completion of the project the remaining 35% will be paid by the client to Initi8 Online. Initi8 Online will Invoice the Client for the due amount at the relevant time during the Project’s duration.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by credit and debit card over the phone or in person with a Initi8 Online representative and an eftpos terminal. Payments can also be made in cash. A receipt of Payment will be given to the Client by Initi8 Online for all received Instalments and Payments.

Payment Period

All Payments must be made within two weeks of the Invoice Date. Invoices can be delivered by email, post or in person.

Late Fees

A 5% additional Fee (of the Invoice amount) will be added for each week after the two weeks Payment period ends without Initi8 receiving Payment. Late Fee charges will begin on the 15th day after the dated Invoice and an additional 5% will be added for each late week after the 15th day of the dated Invoice.


All quoted project systems/elements will be delivered in accordance to the Quotation Description. Should any system fail after delivery and within a one month time period of the final Payment Invoice Date, Initi8 Online will repair/corrected the failed system to working order as described in the project Quotation Description at no additional cost.

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