5 Reasons Why Hair & Beauty Therapists Need a Website in 2019

5 Reasons Why Hair & Beauty Therapists Need a Website in 2019

Are your clients loyal?

Are you frivolously attached to your Hairdresser and Beauty specialist or are you unwaveringly steadfast to him or her? I think most of us would say that when we find someone we like and who’s skills in superficial refinements help us to feel more self-assured in our own skin, we are loyal. Isn’t this especially so if the time spent together includes a bit of fun chatter? The cleverest professionals may use savvy egotistical boosting wit to enlarge our self confidence but at the very least we must certainly be comfortable in the company of these personal service professionals to stick with them.

1. Relationships Are What Make Hair & Beauty Therapy

When I moved back to Sydney from London, I left behind my hairdresser of 10 years. It was devastating. He was one of the most talented hairdressers that have ever cut my hair. He even introduced me to treatments that I used to use, before my receding fringe went a little to far: Hair straightening. My stubborn hair that always wanted to go forward was brought under control and for the first time it stood up straight, allowing him to cut my hair in a way that gave more volume and perfectly matched the shape of my face and jaw. I loved it. Once I was back in Sydney I was so distraught that I left getting my hair cut for too long. With no more straightening and no cut my hair become longer, wavy and annoyingly difficult. Eventually it was time to take the plunge and search for a new hair stylist. With no clue where to go the only thing I could think of was “Google it”.

Control Excessive Hair Loss

2.Trust Invokes Hair & beauty Confidence

As Hair and Beauty therapists the relationships you forge with your clientele are paramount. You are in the business of elevating your clients self- esteem whether it’s through a fashionable hairstyle, a youthful hair colour or line decreasing face treatment. It’s the trust that your customers employ in you that bestows the confidence whereby you can wield your magic. It’s particularly hard for new customers to place confidence in a new stylist or therapist as that trust has not yet been earned. A well designed website can inspire confidence through a personal bio, photos, videos, client testimonials and lots more.

3. Grow your business

Done right, a Website is the Single Best Investment Made by any Small Business

Most Stylists and therapists are good at their job because it’s their passion and that passion often takes up almost 100% of their work time. It’s the other more mundane administration and marketing aspects of running a small business that some professionals in the beauty industry fall short on. This is where we can help. Through technology we’ll assist you in organising and marketing your business freeing up more of your time for you to work directly with your clients. Ultimately if we do our job properly you would have the option to expand your business by hiring more staff and taking on more customers thus growing your business and in turn your bank account!

If you want to add online appointment scheduling wherey clients can make their own appointments based on your availability canlendar, we recommend Acuity Scheduling. Acuity Scheduling is a highly rated online scheduling solution which we use ourselves. Let us show you have to integrate Acuity and help streamline your business freeing up more time to focus directly on your clients.

If you would like to try a free trial of Acuity Scheduling click on the icon here.

4. Inspire Confidence With Potential Clients

Almost everyone at some stage in 2019 has at one time or another engaged in online dating. Let’s assess this example for a second. Photos are the first thing we see then we go further, most of us read the profile text to see if there are potential matching or complimentary characteristics. It’s in the weighing up of their profile that we ultimately make a decision whether to contact them or not. A hair or beauty salon’s website should present professional profiles whereby a potential new client can make an informed decision. Just like screening in online dating. We can help you make your website and professional profile stand out from the competition.

5. Capture New Local Arrivals

In today’s world we just keep on speeding up! People are on the move constantly and cities are in a constant evolutionary flux. The majority underestimate what an impact a cleverly branded website with inbuilt tech can achieve for small business. If you are ambitious and want to grow, web tech is the way! You maybe surprised at just how inexpensive an investment in your website could be. We are here to advise you on effective web solutions specific to your business and budget.

Time Freeing Tech

Online Client Scheduling System

Online Payment System

Website Content

Professional Logo

Website Colour Scheme

Staff profiles

Photos – Salon, Staff and possibly treatments & styles

Services & prices

Client testimonials

Products & brands

Products for sale

Interactive Location map

Opening times


Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Google Marketing

Youtube marketing

Blogs & Articles

Extra Income

Affiliate Marketing

Get money by posting service or product links on your website or social media page. Links to complimentary services and products can make you money. Let us show you how to do it.


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